Jazz at Duvin

 Friday, January 15th at 7pm

We have some great artists coming in on Friday to play some jazz and other varieties of music. Oakland Hills native Jeff Weinmann and some very talented friends, including Scott Thompson on stand up bass and guitarist Rick Pollack, will play a mixture if Brazilian Jazz and standards. The Montclair Flutes will also play an eclectic mix of jazz and classical pieces.

These folks are part of other large, quite successful ensembles that enjoy playing smaller venues like ours with subsets of their performers.  We are lucky to have a venue that appeals to them and their desire to make music in a more intimate setting.

Celebrating New Year with Thornhill Friends

I’ve been waiting for a special night to share this bottle of 1996 Billecart-Salmon Grande Cuvee Champagne.  It’s really astonishing how the unexpected can land you right back to a beginning point in your life and that’s exactly how I feel about opening our new place Duvin on Thornhill Drive. This particular bottle was at a Thornhill school auction, 3 years ago, at the wine toss table. I’d volunteered that night to work along with both my teenage son and daughter, who both spent many fond years attending the school and also donated many hours supporting their fundraisers. As the hoop went over this classic champagne my daughter Belle was elated, “Mom you won the best bottle on the table!” She was so excited.

As I reflect back beyond 2014 and go right back to 2001, when my son Gabriel started school in kindergarten at Thornhill School, yes I feel like I did win. I won a place that is so dear to me in so many ways. All three of my children attended Thornhill School and we all bonded with the community creating lifelong friends. It’s truly a special place and tonight I want to share and celebrate a full circle coming back home to Thornhill as we start our new beginnings with Duvin in 2015.

Let’s celebrate together – joy, happiness and community in it’s truest sense.

Happy New Year!

Much love, Lisa and Claudia