Gather Co-Work is a boutique co-working space that provides a warm working environment and easy access to Oakland. Designed to be a convenient space to work and focus, especially to neighbors who work from home, who need a change of location.

Our day space features organic coffee from Proyecto Diaz Coffee, filtered cold/hot water, handmade teas, incredible juices and elixirs from Raw Juicery, Botanical Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, CBD infused teas, Bone Broth, Handmade and Sustainably Grown Cacao, and a lunch/brunch menu from Taps and Takeouts, Microwave and Convection Oven, WIFI, and Printer.

Gather is OPEN 9am-4pm Monday - Friday. The day rate is $20, and monthly membership is $200, and includes a VIP Discount Program. OPEN April 1, 2019